Automated Attendance Calls are Live
Dave Evertson
Monday, April 03, 2017

On Tuesday, April 4, Cozad Community Schools will resume automated attendance calls to parents when their child is absent as of 10 AM, but the school has not been notified of the absence.  If the parent has notified the school of the absence before 9:45, the call will not be made.  Parents will only receive a call if their child is absent AND the parent has not called to notify the school of the absence.  

If you receive a call in error, or you would like to change the number to which the call should be made, please notify the office at the school your child attends.

Cozad Pre-School  308-784-3381

Cozad Elementary  308-784-3462

Cozad Middle School  308-784-2746

Cozad High School  308-784-2744