#Haymakerway--Haymaker Highlights


"It has been fun to watch him grow and mature over the last few years. I am proud of his work in my classroom as he works to ensure he is learning the material & putting in the time.

- Kooper Pohl, Senior

Eh Hser

"During Maker Fair, Eh was a huge help in getting everything cleaned up and returned to where it belonged. She is dependable and show kindness."

- Eh Hser, Freshman

Makenna Broz

"Makenna is one of the hardest working students that I have ever encountered. She is always striving to better herself in all facets of her life."

- Makenna Broz, 7th Grade

Tanner Barnes

"Tanner has really impressed me with his helpful attitude with one our newer students. Tanner has really gone out of his way to make them feel welcomed. He has just been an overall exceptional person."

- Tanner Barnes, 7th Grade

Blayten Randolph

"Blayten was very patient and kind when working on a collaborative project with a 1st grader. He was an excellent leader and listener throughout the project."

- Blayten Randolph, 3rd Grade

Braxtyn Barber

"Braxtyn is always giving 100% effort throughout the entire day. He participates when asked questions and does his best work at all times."

- Braxtyn Barber, 1st Grade

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