Cozad Elementary 2nd Place at ESU STEMfest

The Cozad Elementary STEM team was several years in the making!  Two years ago the team was selected from an excited group of 2nd and 3rd Graders that had a  love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  This team was divided into two groups and tasked with coming up with a project that would better their school.  Unfortunately, COVID hit and school was shut down and online.  Due to this, the projects were not able to be completed.  

This fall, ESU 10 offered the STEMfest competition.  The students, now in 4th and 5th grade, agreed to once again compete.  The project they chose was a group project.  The problem the group identified was how to make students coming to Cozad Elementary feel less nervous or anxious.  It was decided that they would make videos and post them to the school website.  The videos posted were made for each grade level and specials.  These videos would help new students and their families become familiar with the school and staff.  The STEM team then prepared a presentation for STEMfest.  In the presentation, they had to describe the process they went through and the outcome they predicted would occur by implementing their project.  They presented to a panel of judges made up of business people from different areas.  

Cozad Elementary’s project, “Welcome to Cozad Elementary '',  was chosen for 2nd place in the STEMfest competition at ESU10 in a category that contained  seven teams.  They were awarded certificates and medals.  The members of the team were:  Kelsey Favinger, Maysen Melcher, Samuel Ross, Ben Hanna, Jaden Hinman, Nolan Yilk, Reagan Chrisinger, Rider Aden, and Serena Kniesteadt.  Elementary teachers, Mrs. Vickie Gilbert and Mrs. Lisa Gengenbach worked with this group of students after school for many weeks. Congratulations to you all!

The videos the students created can be found on our Cozad Community School website under the "District" navigation. It is called "Welcome to Cozad Elementary".  Links are also provided below to the student-made videos.

Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to 1st Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to  our Specials (PE, Music, Art, etc.)