4th and 5th Grade Little 'Makers Track Meet 2021
4th and 5th Grade Little 'Makers Track Meet 2021
Cozad Elementary - Mr. Squiers
Thursday, April 15, 2021

4th and 5th Grade Little 'Makers Track Meet 2021 

 Parents, thank you for letting your child participate in our 2021 Cozad Elementary Track Meet. I'm excited to enjoy a day of fun, competition, and outdoors. Our Track Meet will be on May 12th beginning at 1 pm (Students will begin their walk at 12:30 from the Elementary). We will have our Field Events first including The Softball Throw, Javelin Throw, and Standing Long Jump. The other events will include a Short Run (100 Meter Sprint), Long Run (400 Meter Run), and Mid Run (200 Meter Sprint). We will also have Relays such as a 4 x 1, and possibly a 4 x 2. As I put this all in ink, I will keep you updated via bloomz and my website. Students will be given an opportunity to sign up for activities prior to the event and will be properly introduced to each activity and understanding how they work. Students will also be encouraged to bring proper attire, sunscreen, water, and any medical things they may need (example: inhaler). This will go until shortly before 3 pm. We will then take our walk back to the Elementary before the end of school day. If you would like to take your child home from the Football Field, you may meet their class at their designated area on the field and communicate with their classroom teacher in order to do so. Remaining students that are not picked up at the field by parents will be walked back by their teachers to the Elementary School. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. I'm excited for this fun filled event!

 Mr. Squiers