Cozad Community Schools Strategic Plan Framework
Cozad Community Schools Strategic Plan Framework
Cozad Schools
Thursday, February 13, 2020

This strategic plan is a recognition by the Cozad Community Schools’ Board of Education
that together with the community we create success. Therefore, in partnership with
stakeholders and the commitment and contributions of the teachers, administrators, and
staff of Cozad, and the district’s external stakeholders: parents, students, community
leaders, and citizens of our community, we are poised to provide the students of Cozad
Community Schools “to be successful lifelong learners through quality education.” We all
have a stake in the success of Cozad and we should all have the opportunity to help
shape the idea of what success looks like for our district. Therefore, collaboration was
central as we embarked upon the strategic planning process. We would like to thank members of the Strategic Overview Committee for their considerable contributions to the creation of this strategic plan.

Working with facilitators from the Nebraska Association of School Boards, we established a Strategic Overview Committee comprised of the following members:


CEEC: Kylee Kuecker 

Elementary: Amber Ross & Vickie Gilbert 

Middle School: Kelli Teahon 

High School: Karen Klein, Jann Kloepping, & Amanda Rossell 


CEEC: Kristen Bennett

Elementary: Lacey Buss & Jennie Smith

Middle School: Becky Boryca

High School: Dranoel Fleharty, Julie Linn, & Masha Engel 


High School:

Sydney Lindstedt (12)

Austin Werner (11)

Joey Orellana (10)

Shaundra Wiederholt (9)

Middle School 

Madison Rowley (8)

Alex Svajgr (8)

Classified Staff 

CEEC: Alyssa Leahy 

Elementary: Tina Schmidt 

MS: Shelli Gill HS: Lori Fletcher 

Board of Education

Joel Carlson, Judy Eggleston, Ann Burkholder 


Joel Applegate, Bill Beckenhauer, Brian Regelin, Dale Henderson, Patty Wolfe, James Ford 

To view our Strategic Plan Framework (2020-2025) please use the link below (you can also access the document on our website and app under "Documents - District".

Strategic Plan: