CMS Music Contest
CMS Music Contest
Patty Wolfe
Monday, May 08, 2017

Cozad Middle School Band successfully completed our very first middle school music contest. This was a great experience for our students and we are very proud of their hard work. This info can also be found on the choir website. 

Note: Superior (I) is the highest rating, followed by Excellent (II), then III, IV, V.  Students are rated using the standardized rubric use for District Music Contest.


Superior (I) Ratings for Solos:

·      Tara Linn (vocal)

·      Mia Reicks (vocal)

·      Hevinlee Rigsby (euphonium)

·      Kayla Barnes (vocal and French horn)

·      Karissa Jackson (flute and piano)

·      Jadyn Hardee (vocal)

·      Sam Blackmore (saxophone)

·      Landry Geiger (saxophone)


Superior (I) Ratings for Ensembles:

·      Vocal Quartet (Becca Shaffer, Biz Tvrdy, Jadyn Hardee, Lorali Marshall)

·      Vocal Duet (Karissa Jackson, Tara Linn)

·      Trumpet Duet (Jaden Cervantes, Conner Huertas)

·      Trumpet Duet (Jacob Engel, Evan Thome)

·      Euphonium Trio (Hevinlee Rigsby, Taryn Ewoldt, Tessa Mulei)

·      Vocal Duet (Mia Reicks, Jade Brown)

·      Vocal Trio (Becca Shaffer, Biz Tvrdy, Jadyn Hardee)

·      Vocal Ensemble (Becca Shaffer, Biz Tvrdy, Jadyn Hardee, Lorali Marshall, Denichia Ramirez, Kayla Barnes, Grace Ratkovec)

·      Instrumental Ensemble (Kevin Cruz, Leonardo Martinez, Sam Hermosillo)

·      Sax Trio (Sam Blackmore, Maddex German, Maddux Essex)


Excellent (II) Ratings for Solos:

·      Tessa Mulei (vocal)

·      Jade Brown (vocal)

·      Misty Waltermire (clarinet)

·      Grace Ratkovec (vocal)


Excellent (II) Ratings for Ensembles:

·      Vocal Duet (Maddie Spaulding, Kelsey Shotkoski)

·      Flute Duet (Anahy DeAnda, Shelbie Yeutter)

·      Flute Duet (Angel Rigsby, Laynea Alvidrez)

·      Vocal Duet (Denichia Ramirez, Jadyn Hardee)

·      Flute/Clarinet Duet (Jasmine Lindstedt, Taryn Ewoldt)

·      Vocal Duet (Grace Ratkovec, Kayla Barnes)

·      Piano Duet (Landry Geiger, Mallory Applegate)

·      Piano Duet (Mallory Applegate, Kelsey Shotkoski)

·      Sax Duet (Maddex German, Maddux Essex)