CHS Juniors Visit UNL Campus

Juniors from Cozad High School had the opportunity to visit the University of Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday, October 24th. Such campus visits can be a valuable experience for high school students as they explore potential colleges and universities for their future education. The event provided several important opportunities for these students:

  1. Admission and Scholarship Information: Students had the chance to gather information about the admission process and scholarship opportunities. This is crucial for them to plan for their future education and make informed decisions.

  2. Campus Tour: The campus tour of the city campus would have given the students a firsthand look at the university's facilities and environment. This can help them visualize themselves as future college students.

  3. Student Dining: Eating at the student dining facility is an excellent way for students to experience a part of campus life and get a feel for the social aspects of college.

It's also commendable that this opportunity was made possible through the College Access Grant, which is helping students gain exposure to higher education. Kudos to Mrs. Haarberg and Mrs. Rossell for their efforts in securing this grant and facilitating these valuable opportunities for the students.

It's worth noting that this is year two of the 4-year grant, so there will likely be more opportunities for students in the coming years. Such initiatives play a crucial role in encouraging students to pursue higher education and providing them with the necessary information and experiences to make informed choices about their future.