Senior Seminar 2018
Senior Seminar 2018
Cozad Community Schools
Friday, April 27, 2018

The annual Spring Senior Seminar was held Wednesday, April 25, 2018.  The purpose of this unique day is to present seniors with information about and connections to community resources as they transition to "the real world".  Several sessions were held with community members and school faculty.  Lunch was graciously provided by Larry Paulsen and served by Dawson Area Development, who also coordinated luncheon participants who met with students interested in pursuing those fields.

The organizers would like to sincerely thank all the community people willing to give their time and experiences for the opportunity at success for our Seniors!    

Sessions included: 

Accessing Community Resources - Susan Kloepping, Karmen Morse, Jennifer McKeone

This session will cover the basics of what to do when you get a new place to live.  This will include an overview

of utility hookups, mail service, leases, etc.  A great session for those planning to live on their own for the first time.

Backup and Transferring Your Digital Information - Mr. Evertson

In this session you will be shown how to move all your documents, email, and files from your school account to

a personal account that will stay active after you graduate.

Basic Health Care - Cindy Schneider and Jennifer Schneider

Medical professionals will talk to you about how to care for and treat yourself once you’re on your own!  If you

would need more medical attention, they will explain when and where to go.

Before You Sign on the Line (Contracts/Leases) - Brian Davis

Before you sign on the line, GET THE FACTS!

Basic Car Care - Susan Thurn & John Smock

A basic overview of car maintenance, service, and regular checks that should be done to ensure that your car

remains trouble free and in great working order.

Dorm Hacks - Mrs. Kloepping

Learn some clever and unique ways to store stuff and gain space in your new dorm room or apartment!

Homebuyer’s Guide for Dummies - Melissa Malcom

You will get to actually walk through a listed house to learn things to look for when renting or buying a house,

some property/real estate “lingo”, and advice from a real estate professional.

Insurance 101 - Canda Montgomery

Ever wondered what would happen if someone breaks into your dorm and steals your laptop? In that case,

come learn all you need to know about insurance to make sure you are protecting your financial future as well

as all of your belongings.  We will also discuss life insurance, health insurance, and car insurance.

Mac Hacks - Mr. Vincent

Unleash the power of your Macintosh.  Learn how to transition from using an iPad to enjoying the increased

power and flexibility of your Mac.

Personal Finance - Teresa Bubak and Sherri Hladky

This session will provide an overview of personal finance, and budgeting for success.  Session will include

lessons on personal banking principles (savings, loans, checking, overdrafts, electronic banking, etc.)

Preparing Your Online Presence for After High School - Mrs. Wolfe

A session to “beef up” your online presence to showcase your skills to the world including the use of Linked-in.

Rape Session - Parent-Child Center, Lexington

This session is required for all Seniors.  Critical information about rape and safety issues will be shared with you.  

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