Important Information: Student Chromebook Repairs
Dave Evertson
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CHS and CMS students and parents:

We have had a rash of Chromebooks which have had water, pop, milk or juice spilled on them.  We are sending this note as a reminder that such damage may be considered negligent and may not qualify for free repair.  As per the take-home agreement signed by student and parent:

In the case of loss, theft, or extensive damage from abuse or negligence which require replacement of the device, the cost may be up to $220.  Such incidents will NOT be covered by the take-home fee and will require that the parent or student pay the full cost of repair or replacement.  Take-home privileges are only allowed for students with no outstanding fees or repair charges.

Spills often result in the total loss of the device.  If we cannot fix it and it has to be replaced, then the student is responsible for the replacement cost, regardless of whether a free repair has been used or not.

Please be mindful and take good care of your device, and be careful to avoid situations where liquids may be spilled on the device.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Mr. E