ACT Test & Remote Learning
ACT Test & Remote Learning
Mr. Bill Beckenhauer, HS Principal
Thursday, September 17, 2020

On September 22nd the Senior class will be taking their Nebraska State ACT test that they missed last spring due to Covid-19.  This test will be administered to the 12th grade students on September 22nd and they will need to report to the school by 8:00 am. The ACT test requires a very regulated and restrictive testing environment, therefore only the Senior class will be in attendance that day.  Students in grades 9 – 11 will be doing a remote learning day on the 22nd.  Teachers have prepared lessons for those students and they will be expected to participate in their classes as if they were in the building.  Students in Grades 9-11 will be expected to attend remotely that day and attendance will be taken. Teachers of these students will instruct students on their responsibilities for their classes prior to the remote learning day.  Students will have their school issued device at home for their on-line learning.  If a student does not have internet access, they must inform Mr. Beckenhauer PRIOR to this day. 

 For the Seniors, the ACT test is a time consuming test and will require testing from 8:15 am. until approximately 12:20 pm.The test environment must be free of distractions: therefore, the bells will be turned off and the intercom system cannot be used in the high school.  By ACT protocol, students cannot enter the testing time late nor leave for an appointment during that time. Once the ACT testing starts, students are not to enter or leave.  Also, students cannot have any electronic devices, books, etc. in the test site.  The only thing students may have will be No. 2 pencils and a calculator.  At the end of the testing time, students can choose to eat school sack lunch here or take their sack lunch and be dismissed for the day. Below is the approximate format of time for the ACT test.

Testing schedule for Tuesday, September 22nd 

8:15  – All students report to their ACT testing rooms

8:25  – Begin check in process (students should leave electronic devices in their locker)

8:40  – Begin reading instructions

8:55  – English test (45 min)

9:40  – Math test (60 min)

10:40  – Break, snacks for students will be provided in the commons.

10:55 – Reading (35 min)

11:35 – Science (35 min)

12:10 – Collection of materials

12:30 – lunch and approximate dismissal time


William Beckenhauer

Principal, Cozad High School