Longevity Awards for CCS Staff
Longevity Awards for CCS Staff
Patty Wolfe
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Congratulations to our Cozad Community School staff on Longevity Awards. These staff members were recognized at the end of the school year for their dedication and service to Cozad Community Schools and our students. Thank you for your time and talents!

2017 Longevity Awards

10 Years

  • Marcia Fritz
  • Bill Beckenhauer
  • Mari Hermosilloe
  • Tina Schmidt

15 Years

  • Mindy Brock


20 Years

  • Ron Bubak
  • Sondra Terry


25 Years

  • Cecily Clark


30 Years

  • Carol Jacob


35 Years

  • Hans Kloepping


40 Years

  • Bob Nutt
  • Peg Butler