Maker Fair 2017 Thank You
Maker Fair 2017 Thank You
Patty Wolfe
Monday, February 13, 2017

The Maker Fair Committee and Cozad High School would like to thank the following community members and businesses for their contributions to the Maker Fair. As a result of your generosity and time, this event was again a great success. We hope that this experience was a benefit to our students and to our staff and will continue to be a tradition at our school. Contributing greatly to the success of the Maker Fair were:

  • Laurie Yocom & Wilson Public Library Foundation
  • Dan Niles & Cozad Volunteer Fire Department
  • Judy Vincent
  • Barb Batie
  • Chad Johnson, NPPD
  • Kent Guthard, Busy Bones Butcher
  • Dreu Young, Cozad Telephone Company
  • Betty Collicott
  • Judy Andres
  • Brad Stallbaumer, Stallbaumer Construction
  • Tom Gosinski, Dawson Home & Flowers
  • Patty Bean, well.being
  • Karla Bryant
  • Master Larry Allen
  • Tim Kostrunek
  • Elisia Felix
  • Carmen Frias
  • Rose Mapel, Rustic Milling & Craft
  • SFC McCaslin, Nebraska National Guard
  • SGT Cunningham, Nebraska National Guard
  • SSG Araujo, Nebraska National Guard
  • SSG Elizabeth Nielsen, Nebraska National Guard
  • Luke Wiesen, Millard Lumber
  • Claire Bazata, Berreckman & Davis
  • Claude Berreckman, Berreckman & Davis
  • Brian Davis, Berreckman & Davis
  • Cozad Police Department
  • Catherine Snow
  • Alison Feik, Cozad Community Health Systems
  • Michelle Hoegner, Spring Creek Spa
  • Yancy Werner
  • Weston Ogden
  • Gene Libal
  • Jake Derr
  • Brian Engel, Paulsens
  • Brad Barnes
  • Laurie Turner
  • Desiree Watts, Polished Hair & Nails
  • Kirby & Rhonda Andersen

Without the assistance of all the volunteers and those that donated items, provided ideas, and supported the project, this third annual Maker Fair would not have been possible.