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Covid-19 Tracker For Cozad Community Schools

COVID-19 Updates

**Please Note that Guidelines Are Subject to Change


10/29/2020--Message from Superintendent Mr. Ron Wymore

Parents, Students and Community Members:

As you are probably aware, Two Rivers has moved their dial to RED status for this week. Superintendents in the area received an email yesterday from Two Rivers telling us how "impressed they are with the measures we have implemented to protect our students and staff. Schools have proven to be a very safe place for those in the buildings with very little school-based transmissions of COVID19. Having seen the strenuous efforts area schools have employed to protect their students and staff, we are recommending changes in school based plans to allow continuance of in person schooling during pandemic levels of risk."

Thus under the recommendation of Two Rivers and our own tracing, as can be seen daily on our dashboard, we are going to continue what we are doing. At this time, Cozad Community Schools is not moving our dial. As a parent and/or community member you can monitor our Covid tracking status at https://rb.gy/jw7yb7 . This information is updated daily. Please be assured we are doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment for your child.


Mr. Ron Wymore, Superintendent
Cozad Community Schools

9/9/20--Effective September 14th, 2020--After working with Two Rivers Public Health Department on a recent positive COVID case, we have been strongly recommended to go to mandatory masks. We have said that we will do whatever it takes to stay open, thus we will move to mandatory masks starting Monday, September 14th. I personally do not like to have to require this but from the contact tracing that was done on the elementary last week, it basically came down to the wearing or not wearing masks in the classroom. Students will be given short breaks where they can take the masks off during the day. Again, this is what is currently being told to us by Two Rivers.  ~Superintendent Ron Wymore

Effective September 1st, 2020 --For pre-K-12 teachers, para-educators and other certificated and non-certificated staff employed by schools who have had close contact with a person whom has tested positive, or has had close contact with a person whom has a test pending and is symptomatic, or has had close contact with a person with one or more of the Covid symptoms. Educational Workers may meet the following Conditions while performing their duties of their employment with schools In Lieu of Quarantine:

  • appropriately wear a face covering or mask for 14 days following exposure AND
  • practice social distancing AND
  • self-monitor twice daily for fever and other symptoms listed above for fourteen days and have no symptom development

This means if a school employee is told to quarantine they may come to work following the above guidelines. If the staff member is a teacher or para, students will be asked to wear masks in that classroom.

August 31, 2020--

We are running the three pickup and drop-off town bus routes. Frenchy Park, Horizon Mobile Homes and Cover Trailer Court.

Starting Monday (8/31) we will go to lunch being served on trays instead of boxed lunches.

August 10, 2020--Students riding route buses are REQUIRED to wear a mask.

Town Bus Routes:  Due to Covid restrictions, we will NOT run TOWN routes in the AFTERNOON. They will run in the morning. 

August 5th--**CHANGES**UPDATED**6th Grade and New Student Orientation and Middle School schedules/paperwork pick-up and getting into lockers

Below you will find the procedures and times allowed for middle school students to pick-up their schedules, paperwork and get in their lockers. Students will only be allowed in the school building one time during that day.

Tuesday, August 11th- 1:00-4:00 PM- 8th Grade Students ONLY- no parents allowed.

Wednesday, August 12th- 1:00-4:00 PM- 7th Grade Students ONLY- no parents allowed.

Thursday, August 13th- 1:00-7:00 PM- 6th Grade Students, NEW students and parents are allowed.

Friday, August 14th- 1:00-4:00 PM- Any student that did not make their scheduled time will be allowed.